Hi, I'm a spam from back to 1998 when I first got connected to the great great Internet and examined something called WWW and said, wow, it's gonna blow and now it's still blowing.

I make websites for a living. I do a few PSD to HTML jobs per month for projects I like.

I'm going to learn more about web development of LAMP and for now especially web application combining all crap front end and back end. I have created a stupid web applications already which you may find useful.

I make casual logos and fond of thinking about UI design though I'm far from being professional and acceptable by paying clients, who by the way always seem ready with reasons to run away with my money.

One important fact that might be missing about me is that I'm a Chinese, mainlander Chinese. I can speak 2 languages fluently, namely Coward Chinese and Broken English. Broken English is rather different from English, which is a point I'd have to emphasize because most of the people really don't understand how broken English can be. Besides, I'm starting to learn Japanese French with a little Russian accent.

I love quotes but this one's just much too filled with vanity celebrities'.

I also have a very large collection of printable country flags.